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Self Storage Tips Print E-mail

Packing Tips

Label each box with a number and the room where it is going in your new residence or into storage.  Keep an inventory of the contents of each box by listing each box number and its contents.  A simple list of boxed items will save you hours and prevent you from having to open and reseal numerous boxes to find that one essential item.  This will also help you locate items needed from storage later or with insurance claims if a box is lost.

Plan ahead and gather all the necessary materials needed to pack early, this will avoid interruption and the constant need to go out for more supplies in the middle of the night.

Different items require different packing methods.  The Store Room offers a variety of containers from plastic totes to simple boxes.  A visit with one of our Storage Consultants will help you best meet your immediate needs and address your long term objectives and budget.

Fragile items such as electronics, dishes and mirrors require special care, but the approach and packaging is different in each of these examples.  Choose containers that are specially designed for each of these items.  Stay away from old boxes at the supermarket, as odd sizes make stacking difficult, and these boxes tend to crush easily.

We recommend quality boxes consistent size to provide maximum storage due to stacking capabilities.  Use of quality boxes will minimize the cost of storage with the ability to rent a smaller size.

Using newspaper to wrap your possessions is NOT recommended.  Newspaper has an open-grain construction and the inks used in the printing process are not dried.  Newsprint WILL RUB OFF AND STAIN anything you wrap.  We recommend clean white paper or bubble wrap for packing and protection.

The following guide provides some helpful tips in boxing various kind of personal items either for moving or for storage.

Storage Tips

  1. Use furniture drawers to hold delicate items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  2. When packing toys or smaller objects, remember to fill boxes completely, stuffing open areas with plain newspaper to prevent collapsing when stacked.
  3. Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals) or perishable (such as food that is not permanently sealed).
  4. When storing lawn and garden equipment, drain any fluids prior to storage in order to avoid corrosive damage.
  5. Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes.
  6. Always use high quality locks on your unit. Locks are typically available for sale, ask your site manager for a recommendation.
  7. Store furniture carefully on boards or pallets.
  8. When storing delicate heirlooms, use specially constructed boxes, such as wardrobe boxes, and utilize dehumidifiers to prevent mildew build up.
  9. Cover mattresses and store them flat on level surfaces.
  10. Store small items like pots and pans in large appliances, such as stoves or refrigerators.
  11. Break down items (such as table legs) and store large furniture (like tabletops and sofas) on end to save space.
  12. Use protective covers and treat wood surfaces before storing.
  13. When storing business files, label all boxes and construct aisles so files are easily seen and accessible.

Contact us for more information and pricing.